Our Partners

Our partners are the individuals and organisations whose ideas, energy and understanding inform everything Wild Philanthropy stands for.

Wild Philanthropy supports a network of trusted, high impact partners who are delivering change on the ground in Africa. These partners are on the front line – shaping the future of Africa.

Today, we’re lucky to know many of them as colleagues and as friends. Their lives are an inspiration, their pioneering work the reason why we support them. We develop long term relationships with our partners, getting to know then and understanding how best we can help them. We provide grants, link up projects with donors and provide technical assistance where we can.

Wild Philanthropy can only do so much. These on-the-ground individuals and organisations are best positioned to use our donations effectively. They understand the challenges and are developing innovative ways to tackle them. They are leaders in their fields and work tirelessly to fulfil their mission.

100% of your donation will make it to our partner organisations to implement their critical work on the ground. This is thanks to our Friends of Wild Philantrhopy who underwite our operating costs allowing us to get 100% of your donation to where it is needed most.

We also partner with other funding organisations, academic institutes and corporate partners all of whom are invaluable in supporting us achieve our mission.

We have five different types of partners:

Core Ecosystem Partner – these are our our highest priority and are partners working in our Core Ecosystems. We have established long term relationships with these organisation and provide on-going support from help fundraising and preparing grant applications through to support marketing and of course grants to fund their critical work.

Strategic Partner – similar to Core Ecosystem Partners, we build long term relationships with these partners, and provide a range of support on an ongoing basis to help these organisation deliver their mission. This includes strategic grants.

Impact Partners – Our impact partners are organisations we know well and we support with ad hoc donations for particular projects.

Collaboration Partners – These are partners we work alongside, but do not provide funding to. They help us with developing our mission and we support them in delivering theirs.

Corporate Partners – These are businesses we work with to raise critical funding to support our work. Key to them is Journeys by Design.

Please explore our portfolio of partners below: