Our Approach

Wild Philanthropy is a registered nonprofit designed to support at-risk ecosystems in Africa through linking travel, impact investment and philanthropy.


Wild Philanthropy explores the role of travel in Africa as a tool for community-based, ‘on-the-ground’ wildlife conservation projects. Tourism is changing rapidly as nature, heritage and recreational destinations become more important, and as conventional tourism is forced to meet tougher environmental requirements.

The guiding principle behind community-based initiatives in conservation, and its partnership with responsible tourism projects, is that sustainable wildlife management can only be achieved once it has been socially accepted, and has been proved to be economically viable. Revenue generated by tourism helps demonstrate the economic viability of conservation, whilst well-planned tourism and conservation projects, which return income to the local community, help ensure their social acceptance.

Tourists, Hamar Bull Jumping Ceremony, Turmi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Credit: Andy Haslam

Wild Philanthropy works across the tourism value chain. With Friends it offers unique travel experiences that also generate finance for conservation. It works with ecotourism businesses and communities, providing much needed investment and technical assistance to scale up. It works with philanthropists to invest donor capital into high quality conservation and community projects. All our efforts aim to drive funding into conservation and community development.

We feel that low volume, high value travel has an important role to play in driving significant sustainable finance into conservation and communities. It is not appropriate for all areas but where sites are carefully selected it can provide a powerful tool in the conservation toolkit. This is our niche and one we stand confidently behind.