Core Ecosystems

Our "Core Ecosystems" constitutes our current portfolio of identified at-risk ecosystems in Africa.


Our support is focused on 3 at-risk ecosystems, all of which combine conservation, community and tourism in innovative ways.

Since 2016 we have been supporting the Omo Valley (Ethiopia), Ntakata (Tanzania) and Enonkishu (Kenya). In the Omo Valley we work with Wild Expeditions Ethiopia, and specifically Lale’s Camp. In Ntakata, we work with the Tongwe Trust. In Enonkishu, we work directly with the Conservancy.

These partners are key to the future of the landscapes and are all demonstrating how tourism can be an effective conservation and community development too.

This is an evolving portfolio. It will change, depending on opportunity and circumstance.

Please see below to explore the portfolio.