Our Impact

Positive impact is why we exist. We want to demonstrate the positive impact that responsible tourism can have in Africa.

Wild Philanthropy has been designed to make positive change. We support conservation and community development whilst demonstrating the positive contribution that effective responsible tourism can have in Africa.

In 2020 we became part of the Africa House Group, which has been designed to transform the way tourism benefits Africa – its people, its wildlife and its wilderness. As part of this Group, our 2019/20 report allows us to report collectively on the collective impact of the Group. This helps demonstrate the interconnections of our approach which bring business, impact investment and philanthropy together in our mission. Below is the summary of Wild Philanthropy’s impact as part of the group.

The annual Impact Report captures the key metrics we use to monitor our success in achieving our mission individually as well as collectively. Wild Philanthropy is not an implementer, and is 100% dependent on our partners on the ground. What we feel we are good at is identifying the best partners to work with and supporting them to deliver their mission. Please find our full Africa House Group Impact Report below.

Please see below for our previous Impact Report:


If you would like to help us continue making an impact we would welcome your donation.