Enarau Conservancy

A rewilding project establishing a conservancy in the Northern Mara.

The Enarau Conservation Area was established in the Maasai Mara, Kenya to expand wildlife conservation areas, restore degraded farmland, and protect existing vegetation and critically threatened habitats. When managed appropriately, the conservation area has the potential to attract more wildlife and promote natural plant regeneration.

The Enarau Conservation area spans 866 ha (2140 acres), including a segment of 121 ha (300 acres) of abandoned farmland that was dedicated to intensive agriculture for over 20 years. The Conservancy will potentially expand to 4050 ha (10,000 acres) if funding for leasing is secured.  Located within the Northern Mara conservancies, the ecosystem is contiguous with another newly formed conservancy, Mbokishi, (size 2023 ha) which lies to the northeast, making the total number of newly conserved hectares of land, 2800 ha.

The ecosystem is characterised by dense vegetation, which functions perfectly as a breeding habitat for elephants, unique terrain, and several permanent water sources that feed the Mara River, making it a critical land piece in the larger Maasai Mara ecosystem puzzle. Enarau aims to become a classical model for the restoration and conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.

The overarching goals of the Enarau Conservation Area are to:

  • protect the ecosystem from degradation from charcoal burning, and illegal logging;
  • protect wildlife from poaching, bush meat hunters, and snares;
  • halt the cultivation of land for farming and restore degraded lands;
  • scientifically monitor the impact of biodiversity, soil health, microclimate and hydrological cycles in the region;
  • investigate best practices for managing weeds/invasive species in the area;
  • promote the practice of holistic grazing management to facilitate grassland ecosystem restoration;
  • secure wetland areas, and rehabilitate springs and streams;