Environment Sahel

Protecting the spaces in between

Working closely with the Chadian government, Environment Sahel have identified several key landscapes that are suffering the effects of population growth, conflict over natural resources, climate change, and poaching. Solutions are developed in cooperation with communities to benefit the people, wildlife, and land.

Concerned with the degradation of the spaces between many of Chad’s parks and reserves, environment hydrologist Ache Tahar Sougoudi, computer engineer Adam Haggar, financier Pierre Ngolsu, businessman Tahir Oumar Souni, and conservationist Henry Bailey set up the non-profit organisation Environment Sahel in 2022.

Environment Sahel’s vision is to see landscapes and biodiversity protected and managed by empowered communities whose livelihoods are guaranteed through improved governance, peace, environmental management, and sustainable businesses.

Environment Sahel’s mission is to create and promote sustainable management systems, behaviours and knowledge across key landscapes which will guarantee the healthy co-existance of natural wealth, wildlife and communities today and for future generations.