University of Cambridge: Social Ventures


In September 2018 Wild Philanthropy were accepted onto a rather exciting initiative that is run out of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Aimed at supporting a range of businesses that have positive social and environmental impact, Cambridge Social Ventures Incubator is a wonderful initiative that we benefited hugely from being part of.

As part of the incubator, we were privileged to be able to access some of the most cutting-edge expertise in the social enterprise space. Over 12 months, we were supported in developing our model and understanding the nuances and complexities of this new way of doing business, where the social or environmental purpose of a business is becoming as important as profit.

We are hugely grateful to the support that we received, and as Alumin continue to receive, especially from our mentor Karen Leigh Anderson. The Social Ventures Incubator has not only given us confidence that we are on the right tracks, but has helped provide us with invaluable support to make sure we are able to support ‘at risk’ ecosystems, wildlife and communities across Africa.