Our Work

We work to support some of Africa's best conservation and community development work through our trusted network of partners


Wild Philanthropy works in a number of ways to support conservation and community development on the ground. Our work is focused on identifying and supporting high impact projects through a network of trusted partners.

We have developed strategic partnerships with our core ecosystem partners who are helping these landscapes which we feel are desperately in need of support. These partners are key to the future of the landscapes and are all demonstrating how tourism can be an effective conservation and community development tool. We provide ongoing support to these landscapes in terms of funding, but also in-kind support from developing new websites to marketing and branding advice.

Alongside our core ecosystem partners we also work with a broader range of partners, helping match up donors and philanthropists with projects on the ground. We provide one off grants to these organisations, supporting specific projects or helping them with their on-going operational costs.

A list of some of the projects we have supported can be found here.