Impact Philanthropy

Philanthropy is changing and we aim to be at the forefront of that change.

We understand that the world’s problems cannot simply be solved through business as usual. There is an important role for philanthropy and supporting high quality charitable projects is a critical aspect of what we do.

Wild Philanthropy has a network of trusted charitable partners. In order to support this vital community and conservation work, Wild Philanthropy makes grants available to these partners in order to help them achieve their mission. These grants are always linked to key deliverables. However, Wild Philanthropy believes that flexibility is key to achieving conservation impact, so grants are structured in such a way as to allow partners to adapt to the challenges they are faced with. Grants complement a strategic conservation and development agenda which protects at risk ecosystems for the benefit of all.

Rhino Tracking Kenya Conservation Journey 2017

We also believe that philanthropy can be far more effectively deployed. As such, we offer advisory services for those with an interest in supporting conservation and community work in Africa. We can help people direct donations to the places that need it most, whilst meeting their individual motivations for giving. 100% of donations make it to the projects on the ground as we do not take any fee for this service.

For those with longer term plans,  we offer a conservation legacy planning service that helps develop a long-term philanthropy strategy that draws on both our charitable and investment partners to create a bespoke portfolio of impact driven interventions. We help with structuring grants and investments to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved creating a multi-generational impact legacy.

Kenya Elephant Orphanage Conservation Journey

Finally, we establish a simple yet robust monitoring and evaluation process which enables regular performance monitoring. This process operates across our operations ensuring that we are able to track our performance towards our Key Performance Indicators as well as report back to donors and investors on the impacts their finance has delivered.