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Wild Philanthropy

Wild Philanthropy has been designed to provide multiple ways to invest in the future of Africa, its people, wildlife and wilderness.

Wild Philanthropy uses travel to support at risk ecosystems and vulnerable communities. We do so in three ways:


For the conscientious adventure traveller looking to create positive social and environmental impact through their safari, Wild Philanthropy provides a unique impact travel offering: becoming a Friend of Wild Philanthropy.  Our Friends program uses a structured three-year pledge to underpin our model which drives capital into at risk ecosystems and vulnerable communities, designed to support the underlying asset on which your travel depends – Africa’s wildlife, wilderness and people.

A cornerstone benefit to becoming a Friend is access to a portfolio of special access travel opportunities not available through standard channels. Authentic and original travel experiences are increasingly hard to identify. From walking in the Mursi Mountains of the Omo Valley with William Hurd through to exploring the rock art of Sudan these experiences will allow you to make a deeper connection with Africa.

Impact Travel itineraries that drive funding into at-risk ecosystems and vulnerable communities across Africa. Powered by award-winning safari specialist Journeys by Design we design safaris at the top end of the specialist and soft adventure spectrum, with 10% of the value of your safari returned to Wild Philanthropy.  We offer the next generation of ethically minded travel. 


Wild Philanthropy invests in marginal community-led ecotourism businesses such as Wild Expeditions Ethiopia. These impact investments create local jobs, support local and national economies and deliver ethically focused travel opportunities. We seek impact investors to join us in investing in the next generation of ethical travel in Africa.  


Wild Philanthropy acts as a philanthropic advisor, matching client’s philanthropic objectives with a range of conservation and community projects across Africa. Our model allows us to direct 100% of donations to projects. We welcome donations that we can use to support a network of trusted high impact conservation and community initiatives.

If you are looking to make a structured, multi-year pledge that connects you more closely to Africa you are eligible to become a Friend of Wild Philanthropy. This offers a number of exclusive benefits.

Become a Friend of Wild Philanthropy

If you are looking to make a structured, multi-year pledge you are eligible to become a friend of Wild Philanthropy. This offers a number of exclusive benefits.

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