Wild Philanthropy

Designed to support at-risk African ecosystems, Wild Philanthropy is our response to what I believe is one of sub-Sahara Africa’s most urgent questions.

Wild Philanthropy


Wild Philanthropy is a registered charity designed to support at-risk ecosystems in Africa. That support comes in the form of grants made to on-the-ground charitable organisations and as secured loans made via our investment vehicle Wild Enterprise to local eco-tourist businesses.

These charitable organisations and businesses are our on-the-ground partners. Together, we are a family of high impact conservationists, our shared mission to help return these at-risk wildernesses to what they once were: self-sufficient generators of sustainable natural wealth.


– identify and support at risk ecosystems and communities across Africa

– invest in – and incubate – enterprise models to trigger revenue flow

– provide grants to charitable bodies involved in protected area management

– use travel as a mechanism for inspiring and promoting the core ecosystem to our member

Primary Objective

To identify and conserve three at-risk ecosystems over the next ten years.

Long-term Ambition

To help create new transfrontier, mixed land use wildernesses by establishing migration corridors linking identified at-risk ecosystems, protected areas and conservancies.

Please follow the links for information on how to donate, the charity, our partners and the Core Ecosystems Project