Peach Pubs

Making life peachy


We are delighted to partner with Peach Pubs a small group of lovely pubs that align perfectly with Wild Philanthropy’s ethos. Peach Pubs support our Core Ecosystem, Enonkishu, through a range of fundraising activities. In particular, they support the ‘Herds’ for Change’ project.

Peach began in 2002 when they opened The Rose & Crown in Warwick, believing every town deserves a great pub. Well-kept beer, a quality steak cooked by a proper chef and a glass of decent wine is a recipe for happiness, especially when served with a kind word and a sense of fun. Since then they have added pubs ancient and modern, neighbourhood locals and country destinations, simple bedrooms and a chic boutique hotel, cocktails, grand gins and ever-improving coffee.

Today they have twenty pubs in lovely towns and villages – and an undimmed devotion to making life Peachy.

Alongside all that, they have also had the time to set up The Peach Foundation

If you’d like to donate to Enonkishu and have come to us through a Peach Pub, please click here.