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Bishangari and The Price of Failure

Thursday, 29th August, 2013

Welcome to this, Journeys by Design very first blog post. I thought, it being the first, that I might share with you something general, perhaps how we got started, what we’ve done, and where we are now – imagining, I suppose, that as well as giving you something of an insight into our values and…

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The Friedkin Fund

Saturday, 10th August, 2013

Life is as much about those delightful moments of unexpectedness as it is being sure that every ball thrown comes down exactly as and where you would have hoped. Chancing late last year upon the Friedkin Fund, at Legendary Lodge, Arusha, during a routine educational trip in northern Tanzania, is one of those moments. A…

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Amref Health Africa

Sunday, 3rd March, 2013

Some organisations are unassailably good. Amref Health Africa is one such organisation. Formed in 1957, by three reconstructive surgeons, it runs Africa’s leading air ambulance and medical outreach service. The organisation works closely with Kenya’s Kenyatta National Hospital, was the first African organisation to receive the Gates Award for Global Health and today reaches over…

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