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A (non-profit) shop window for Environment Sahel

By | Monday, 12th February, 2024

You may remember an interview with Henry Bailey from the Chadian NGO Environment Sahel. We covered a wide range of topics, including his enormously rich career, his views on conserving the ‘spaces between’,  the labour of love that setting up a conservation NGO is, and what it is about that Chad that has so captured him.

Buried somewhere in all those words was mention of the fact that, as part of its package of support, Wild Philanthropy’s in-house team was designing and building the NGO a website. We’ve done this a couple times before, for Wild Expeditions Ethiopia and Tongwe Trust, and are in the process of building a slightly more complex one for Enaru Conservancy. I should say that none of us are web designers or build websites in our spare time – we’ve taught ourselves on the job.

I can’t remember exactly when it went live, but we completed environmentsahel.org towards the end of last year, a process which began with an introductory Teams call across half the world and ended with Henry dropping by our Brighton offices when over in the UK later that year. In between, we needed to get our heads around a bunch of documents, distill Henry and his partners’ views, and gather any imagery.

I know that Henry and the rest of the team at Envirnment Sahel are delighted with the final result – it’s clean, easy to use, and a fount of information – and I just wanted to thank everyone at Wild Philanthropy for doing such a wonderful job, one that I had very little to do with. I know from my own experience how important a non-profit website is as both a point of reference and a tool with which to fundraise. I’m sure you’ll agree: it’s a fine piece work.

On which final note, do spend a bit of time on the site. The work Environment Sahel is doing is extremely important. If you’d like to contribute to that work, then please get in touch or donate via our dedicated page.