Angela Sacha – Conservation Journeys Director

Angela joined Journeys by Design in 2006. Today, she is one of Journeys by Design’s directors and Impact Travel Director for Wild Philanthropy. Over the years, she has built a large and illustrious client-base of travellers, many of whom return time and again to her for the design and managing of their trips to Africa.

Having worked in the world of finance, Angela took time out to study a degree in Fine Art, which fuelled an interest in conceptual art and human rights. Important beginnings, supporting organisations such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, paved the way – following a chance meeting with Will Jones in 2005, and inspired by his passion for Africa – for combining both ends her professional spectrum, financial and artistic.

Immersed in conservation-orientated travel with Journeys by Design and Wild Philanthropy, Angela applies her skill set to the company’s conservation efforts and impact travel model, designing and coordinating special access travel for Friends of Wild Philanthropy as well as for those in search of one-off immersive adventures.

As part of her job, Angela travels very regularly to Africa, enabling a deep understanding of the continent, and in particular the challenges within the tourism sector, from sustainable development to the empowerment of local community stakeholders to the preservation of wildlife.