Lale Biwa

Core Ecosystem Ambassador

Lale Biwa is Kara, comes from the lower Omo Valley, and has been guiding along the Omo River for nearly 20 years, much those alongside his late mentor, Halewijn Schuerman, with whom he helped run Jade Sea Journeys.

Born and raised in the valley, Lale effectively holds the key to the Omo Valley, and understands exactly how to approach what can be very sensitive cultural issues. Lale is one of our Core Ecosystem Ambassadors, an Elder of the Kara Community who, in his own words says ‘my heart is always in the Omo Valley wherever I travel’.

Chief guide for Wild Expeditions‘s southern Ethiopia programme, Lale run’ Lale’s Camp, and is a professional logistician with a strong desire to protect and develop the local and the wider community. He is an indispensable asset to both the area and southern Ethiopian travel in general.