Friedkin Conservation Fund

Safeguarding a vulnerable area against the illegal harvesting of natural resources and commercial poaching for ivory and bush-meat


The Friedkin Conservation Fund is a charitable trust working throughout northern and western Tanzania. The  Fund operates with three main foci in mind; conservation and anti-poaching, community development and scientific research and monitoring.

In fulfilment of the first objective, the Friedkin Conservation Fund conducts anti-poaching operations by working closely with the Wildlife Division of Tanzania. More than 120 full-time field-based rangers are trained and equipped and operate as rapid action teams and specialised mobile anti-poaching units which arrest an average of 1,900 poachers each year. A Geographic Information System (GIS) proves invaluable in the mapping of collected data and in aiding research that contributes towards anti-poaching operations. The Friedkin Conservation Fund’s wealth of useful GIS system data is also shared with the Tanzanian Government as a form of proactive assistance in conserving protected areas.

The Friedkin Conservation Fund also focuses on innovative community projects that engage rural communities in the conservation of their natural heritage as well as empower them to alleviate some poverty-causing conditions. These projects include environmental education, reforestation programs, micro-finance groups, business consulting services, and student scholarships. The Fund also addresses the immediate needs of rural medical clinics by providing equipment, medicine and basic medical knowledge.

The Friedkin Conservation Fund also conducts research and monitoring to ensure long-term wildlife sustainability. The program includes aerial surveys, species’ ground counts, targeted lion population surveys, and the monitoring of the rhino population in the Serengeti. Furthermore, there exists an initiative to research and monitor the sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

The Friedkin Conservation Fund was established for the purpose of conserving more than 3.2 million acres of Tanzania’s protected wildlife areas, supporting the philanthropic activities of businessman, airplane pilot and stuntman, Thomas Friedkin.

Wild Philanthropy recognises that decreasing land availability increases people’s dependence on income from poaching. Importantly, the Friedkin Conservation Fund’s community education programmes have the potential to reduce individuals’ dependence on poaching income. With a wealth of overlapping conservation aims and values, Wild Philanthropy is pleased to offer financial support to the Friedkin Conservation Fund.

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