Securing Space for Elephants

Securing movement corridors for elephants to reduce human-wildlife conflict and protect both humans and wildlife

In partnership with the community and Government, Ecoexist Trust have piloted an effort to secure space for elephants by keeping essential time worn movement corridors free from future development and identify good safe farm land for people.

Informed land use planning like this is essential to address a root cause of human-elephant conflict – competition for land, water and resources, and find long term solutions for coexistence. The next steps involve facilitating implementation of these plans and ensuring space is secure for both people and elephants.

Your support could help Ecoexist deliver the following:

  • $500 – One elephant corridor sign
  • $2,500 – One billboard to improve awareness of holistic land use planning
  • $6,000 – Land use meetings with communities and Government stakeholders
  • $10,000 – Vehicle operation costs for assisting Land allocation officers and community outreach
  • $20,000 – Cluster field electric fence for 100 farmers
  • $20,000 – Land Board officer workshops to ensure land use plans can be implemented