Community empowerment in Tanzania

Equipping 18-25 year olds with entrepreneurial skill to aid poverty alleviation in Tarangire and Manyara, Tanzania

Chem Chem Associations community empowerment project will aim at empowering youth between the ages of 18-25 to equip themselves with ICT and entrepreneurial skills that can help them move one step closer towards poverty alleviation through creating income generation opportunities and financial independence.

Building on work funded by Hilti Foundation to develop a 3 year journey to equip 2800 community members with business and entrepreneurship training we are currently fundraising to support further development of this important work. Not only does this work create jobs, but also transform the lives of community members with a focus on helping families break the cycle of poverty, which will ultimately reduce human-wildlife conflicts within communities.

Chem Chem Association’s strategic approach will be to provide training and transferable skills to community members. Post training, community members will engage in four supply chains, namely: Beekeeping and honey production, sunflower farming and oil production, and horticulture and poultry farming. The aim is to ensure community members take complete ownership of these small supply chain businesses including linking them to potential markets where they can sell their products. This will strategically empower them to be economically and sustainably self-reliant businessmen and women. Below are the key outputs this partnership project aims at achieving.

These enterprise based approached align closely with Wild Philanthropy’s approach and we are honored to be supporting this vital work. If you would like to support Chem Chem Association in continuing to make significant long-term positive impact to the communities of Tarangire and Manyara please click below.

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