Solar Lantern Project

Facilitating access to safe lighting throughout Botswana

110 Million People in Africa still do not have access to electricity; this leaves many children without the ability to fully engage in the educational system.

Having access to light is necessary in order to enable study in the darker months of the year both at school and at home. When access to light is available, it can come in the form of homemade kerosene lamps that emit toxic black smoke, candles that carry fire risk, or expensive battery lights that are not easily replaced in remote areas.

After visiting the Okavango Delta in Botswana, a client of Journeys by Design was moved to invest in a long-term solution. Their generous donation to Wild Philanthropy enabled the Charity to support the Eretsha Primary School by ascertaining 66 solar lanterns. These provide a clean, sustainable and durable source of light for the attending students.

Principle Mr Otto Gasewagae was pleased to report that since the introduction of the lanterns the pass rate at the school has risen from 53% (2017) to 100% (2018), enabling the students to further progress within the educational system.

Solar Lantern Project