Around The Campfire

In order to achieve its goals, Wild Philanthropy offers something entirely different.

We operate according to a high impact philosophy, a targeted method of working that – as well as identifying the natural asset feasibility of at-risk ecosystems – involves directly helping facilitate donor travel to those ecosystems.

With the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the Core Ecosystems Project and beyond, donors are granted rare access to some of wild Africa’s most untrammelled destinations.

These lodges, camps and private homes are effectively designed to contribute to the at risk ecosystems that host them. In terms of inspiring, engaging and motivating current and potential donors, the opportunity to travel is fundamental to the success of the charity’s objectives, the result of meeting with on-the-ground stakeholders.

In this respect, when we speak of the opportunity to travel, it is always at the behest of the greater good: travelling in a sustainable way, to exactly the ecosystems we are supporting, gives donors not just the opportunity to meet partners on the ground, but also to experience exactly the kind of travel afforded the future clients of the businesses we aim to support.