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How the Support Works

Funds are used to support at-risk ecosystems in two ways: as charitable donations and as investments in local enterprises.

Charitable Donations

Wild Philanthropy fundraises on behalf of targeted on-the ground conservationists. These are not-for-profit organisations with the experience, the vision and the knowhow to make a difference. They are our charitable partners.

Investments in local enterprise

As well as helping fund charitable partners, Wild Philanthropy’s independent investment arm Wild Enterprise uses both donations and the profits from earlier investments to invest in and provide business strategy support for local for-profit eco-tourist enterprises. These eco-tourist businesses are our enterprise partners.

Type of support

There is no blanket formula as to how exactly a given at-risk ecosystem is supported. Whether it is in the form of grants or loans or a mix of the two, the nature of the support will depend on the ecosystem’s specific needs.