Coaching for Conservation®

A wildlife conservation initiative working in South Africa and Botswana to inspire children to be more empathetic towards wildlife

Coaching for Conservation® (C4C) is the primary social development project of our strategic partner, the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust.

C4C use soccer to engender self-respect, team spirit and a sense of well-being in children. In an innovative bid to increase the children’s interest in wildlife and empathy towards animals, C4C weave conservation and respect messages into football skills and drills. This is accomplished through C4C’s unique ‘Learning from Wildlife’ model that presents wildlife as animal icons and mentors, each possessing highly developed skills. The children are taught to respect and mimic the animal’s skills, putting them into practice on the football pitch. This method of knowledge provision, in such an interactive environment, inspires children to respect themselves, others, and the environment.

C4C also run a variety of programmes including an Annual Camp for hundreds of grade 5 learners who engage in a 5-day educational bush experience with educators and soccer coaches from around the world. Additionally, the Grade 7 Ambassador Programme selects a group of children from previous programmes to attend a full day in the bush in order to encourage them to become C4C wildlife ambassadors. Programmes therefore often involve a bush experience which ignites an empathetic relationship and a meaningful link between young people and wildlife.

Wild Philanthropy aims to help C4C deliver education and inspiration in order to change the way children engage with each other and their environment for the sake of endangered wildlife. To affect real change, C4C must expand their reach exponentially, which requires more funding.