Travel Portfolio

The camps and lodges on Wild Philanthropy’s Travel Portfolio are all extraordinary – both in themselves and in terms of how they contribute to the at-risk ecosystems in which they are located.

Please explore our travel portfolio, which has been selected to ensure that your travel is also having a positive impact on conservation and local communities.

This is an evolving portfolio and accommodations will be added, depending on opportunity and circumstance. In addition, we design bespoke itineraries and run set departure Conservation Journeys. Please use our Travel Enquiry form to register your interest in a bespoke itinerary. Alternatively, we currently have three Conservation Journeys planned:

Itinerary 1

The Northern Rangelands of Kenya:

A visit to a range of conservation projects and community-owned tourism programs. We will spend time with local conservation partners engaged with improving grasslands and rangelands for semi-nomadic pastoralist groups. We will explore some of the significant conservation challenges and tourism opportunities in this emerging travel destination.

Itinerary 2

Western Tanzania’s New Opportunities:

A journey into off-grid protected areas under threat from population pressures but with significant tourism opportunity. We will be looking at some of the continent’s last wild chimpanzee populations and the fragile ecosystems of Moyowosi. We will visit one of our first tourism investments in the Ntakata Forest with the Tongwe community.

Itinerary 3

Linking the Wildernesses of Ethiopia & Northern Kenya:

A mega-transect that combines the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia with the vast deserts and rangelands of northern Kenya. We will visit our first tourism investment project in the Omo Valley, spending time with a range of Afro-Asiatic and Nilo-Sahara communities under threat from dams and commercial farms.

Get in touch to register your interest.