Kenya Conservation Journey

Zebra Maasai Mara Kenya
Sarara Camp Kenya
Kenya Maasai Mara Wildlife
Namunyak Guest Shot Kenya

Our Conservation Journeys to Kenya offer adventurous and pioneering travelers the opportunity to experience first-hand – and to get involved with – a variety of conservation models and grass-root projects contributing to the renewal of East Africa’s precious ecosystems.

Our curated itineraries are a blend of traditional frontier safari highlights – owner-run camps, extraordinary habitats, wildlife – alongside a focus on travelling with purpose, the aim being to connect you with inspiring stakeholders, be they local communities or leading on-the-ground conservationists. The bespoke itineraries are led by Wild Philanthropy’s founder, Will Jones, or by one of our associate guides. The day-by-day details will vary by group and be tailored to any personal objectives, interests and travel dates. We have handpicked our preferred partners and properties in each location, and (where possible) these will be booked on an exclusive use basis to ensure privacy, and the conservation-centric theme throughout.

Raisin at Namunyak guiding

Raisin guiding at Namunyak Conservancy by Simon Morris

The itinerary

During your stay at each camp or lodge, there will be opportunities to visit projects local to that area, many of which are in their infancy. These include the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Enonkishu Conservancy , the Mara Triangle, and the Northern Rangelands Trust.

Whilst the focus is on exploring meaningful travel, these itineraries are also designed to be a holiday: traditional safari wildlife drives in the Maasai Mara, nature walks in the Mathews Range, horse riding on the Laikipia Plateau, sunrise yoga, culinary delights and sundowners by the campfire, are all run alongside engaging encounters with local tribesman and experts. Dinner parties bush-style will have you toasting your journey and delighting in the company of inspiring conservationists.

Reticulated giraffe feeding at Sarara animal sanctuary

Reticulated giraffe feeding at Sarara’s animal sanctuary by Simon Morris

Our partners on the ground

There are many projects already receiving funding from Wild Philanthropy, including wildlife sanctuaries, conservancy headquarters, anti-poaching units and schools. You’ll see how your financial contributions, generated via profits from the trip you’re on, and/or via donor-investments, are already making a difference on the ground. With the focus being on conservation, there are many ad hoc opportunities that will arise, enabling you to dig deeper into this side of travel, whether that be assisting with the arrival of an orphaned elephant at Reteti, or visiting a school on the Namunyak Conservancy, which currently educates nine hundred children a year, and is funded by revenue from one of the lodges.

Flying between Il Ngwesi and Tassia

Flight between Il Ngwesi and Tassia by Simon Morris

Long-term involvement opportunities

Investing in As well as contributing financially and otherwise by simply joining us on one of our Conservation Journeys, the other key element in the success of the initiatives comes with individuals and groups committing to long-term involvement. Having seen the success of the projects first-hand, and with a clearer understanding of how the Wild Philanthropy model works in practice, we’re hopeful that you’ll want to join us in taking on a more active and long-lasting conservationist role, to share your knowledge, and be part of a legacy that is bringing Kenya’s fragile ecosystems back into balance.